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If you haven't heard of Sor Klinmee gym, then you'll probably have heard the name attached to the superstar "Sudsakorn" who takes the gym's name and trains here full time. The camp has been around since 2009 and is managed by the founder/head trainer Mit Klinmee or "Tappaya Sit Or". Tappaya fought for the famous Sit Or gym in the 90's and became Rajadamnern champion and channel 7 champion before his retirement in 2005. The camp has now permanently changed its name to "Sudsakorn Muay Thai Gym" to honour their most successful student. Unlike a lot of other commercialised camps, the owner…

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Summary : Nice little gym, probably the best there is in Pattaya. Only real downside is lack of space and equipment.


If you haven’t heard of Sor Klinmee gym, then you’ll probably have heard the name attached to the superstar “Sudsakorn” who takes the gym’s name and trains here full time. The camp has been around since 2009 and is managed by the founder/head trainer Mit Klinmee or “Tappaya Sit Or”. Tappaya fought for the famous Sit Or gym in the 90’s and became Rajadamnern champion and channel 7 champion before his retirement in 2005.

The camp has now permanently changed its name to “Sudsakorn Muay Thai Gym” to honour their most successful student.

Unlike a lot of other commercialised camps, the owner of the gym actually trained Sudsakorn since he was 7 years old so he is a born and bred Sor Klinmee fighter. Some camps will just pay for superstars to train at their camp for a certain amount of time in order to attract foreigners, but this is not the case in Sor Klinmee.

Sudsakorn Muay Thai Gym

I decided to visit the gym after my stay at Sityodtong, seeing as it was only a 5-10 minute motorcycle ride away. I can’t be sure of the exact distance as I was clinging for my life on the back of a retro motorcycle taxi each time I visited the gym.

Anyway, let’s start with the facilities; Sor Klinmee gym has a couple of boxing rings, 5 or 6 bags, floor-to-ceiling ball, hook and uppercut wall bag and a small carpeted training area at the front of the gym. The training area and ring space were adequate for the 3 days I visited the gym but I was sometimes left without a bag to train on.

There is definitely a more traditional feel to the gym than any other gyms in Pattaya that I have visited and the owners and staff are friendly and welcoming to foreigners at the camp. There were around 4 other foreigners training here during my visit and roughly 7 Thai fighters. The Thais are less than 55kg, with the exception of Sudsakorn of course who fights at around 70kg. The smaller fighters are actually tough as nails and fight to a very high standard in Lumpini. I would go as far as saying that the boy I clinched there is probably one of the best clinchers I have ever trained with in Thailand – very strong, excellent technique and able to hold his own against much bigger training partners.

As mentioned above, Sudsakorn trains exclusively in Sor Klinmee gym. During my stay, Sudsakorn was training for a fight in Hong Kong but, unlike some other superstars in Thailand, Sudsakorn also helps out the foreign visitors while they are clinching and works hard training the younger nak muays in the gym on a daily basis.

I trained with the same trainer as Sudsakorn trained with while I was there. He is a decent pad holder but didn’t correct technique much. I got 4 rounds of roughly 4 minutes every day I was there, rounds were timed manually by the trainer. Bag work is unsupervised.

There wasn’t too much waiting around, there maybe could have been an extra trainer to help out with the pad rounds or an extra couple of bags at least, but I’m nit-picking.


The fighters here clinch for around 30-40 minutes per day. There are some decent Thais to clinch with and Sudsakorn is on hand to help out. I’m not sure if he clinches with foreigners but I don’t see why he wouldn’t, he is a nice, approachable guy.

Oh, I forgot to mention that morning training is just a 10km run, no training in the gym so if you’re not a runner then just show up at the gym at around 4pm.

One of the few negatives of Sor Klinmee gym (for me, anyway) is that the gym is carpeted, not matted. For me, that’s an issue because I have seriously injured myself on un-matted floors in the past so I would never make a permanent move to a gym that didn’t have mats.

Other than that, it’s a nice gym with a family-type atmosphere and the people are friendly. If you’re in Pattaya then this is the only gym I recommend so it’s worth a shot.




Gym has a “family feel”

Owner and staff are very friendly


Good technical instruction

Very authentic

High-standard Thai fighters

Reasonably priced


Carpeted floors

Limited floor space and bag access

Morning training is a run only

Training Routine

Morning: 05:00-08:00

Afternoon: 16:00-19:00

Notable Fighters

Sudsakorn Sor Klinmee

Sor Klinmee Gym Photos


Sor Klinmee gym offers food and accommodation on camp. If you want a training and accommodation/food package use the training cost calculator on the website. I didn’t get a chance to look at the rooms on camp (sorry).


One session: 300 baht
Two sessions: 600 baht
One week: 3000 baht
One month: 12,000 baht


The location of the camp is in the district of Nongprue, Chonburi in the suburbs of Pattaya.

Sor Klinmee Gym Address: 155/9 Moo 6, Nongprue District, Banglamong, Chonburi 20260, Thailand.

Sor Klinmee Gym Map

Contact/Social Media

Phone: +66 (0)345 654 667
YouTube channel


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About Aaron Jahn

Aaron is an active muay Thai fighter and coach from the UK. He holds a BSc (hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning and is currently studying a Sports Therapy Master's degree in Leeds, UK. Aaron has fought over 20 times in Thailand and has spent years training at different muay Thai camps all over the country.


  1. Hi,
    I read your review and I decided to spend a month there at Sor Klinmee training. I have some basic knowledge of Muay Thai but I have not been training in like 6 years so I don’t know if I can take 2 sessions a day for a whole month… I read the morning session it’s a long run only, even though on the website it says there is some bag work, conditioning and technique training… I’m aware things in Thailand are most likely never as they seem to be, so I trust your experience more than what the website says…is the morning training really a 13km run only?
    Thank you for your great job writing these reviews btw

    • Hi mate, yes, the morning training is just running. I had this confirmed a few weeks ago too when a girl who was there messaged me for advice. She actually said that the training wasn’t that good and that she felt a bit neglected. Gyms can change pretty quick in Thailand so you never know exactly what to expect when you arrive. Hopefully the training is good during your stay.

      • Hi,
        I just came back after about about 3 weeks of training at the Sor Klinmee Camp. Unfortunately all I have to say is that it has been my worst experience in Thailand ever. The owners and the trainers of the camp do not give a flying f… about foreigners training there and won’t bother to correct your techniques, in particular if you are a beginner and you are not good at something. According to their website and to what they tell you when you get there you are supposed to have a 30 minute sparring session, a 30 minutes pad work session and another 30 minutes clinching session. All of this is completely false since the ” sparring” session for a foreigner is a 4 minutes waste of time where they won’t correct you in any way if you make mistakes even unless you constantly ask them to do so. They will instead laugh at you and tell jokes in Thai thinking there is no foreigner on earth capable of understanding their language. Then there will be a 2 hour gap where they only thing you can do is to kick a bag or work out lifting some weights by yourself, which you could easily do at home at no expenses ( unless there is someone else using all the bags and if you politely ask them to use one after like a hour of waiting they will basically tell you to f… off ). The clinching session starts at like 5,30 and all the Thais have their usual partner so they won’t bother to clinch with you unless you ask the owner telling him you never clinched in your life so you don’t know how to do it. Then they will show you in like 5 minutes and all the other days you are gonna clinch with one of the other foreigners at the camp who can’t correct or teach you anything more cause he’s probably there to learn as well…. The training at this gym is a complete waste of time and money and you will come back home knowing as much about Muay Thai as when you got there. I guess it would be different for someone like you who has a great experience since they will probably train you better and take you seriously thinking you might fight for them… but that’s not the case if you have a little or no experience in Muay Thai.
        The worst part of staying at the camp beside the ridiculous training is the astonishing rudeness and racism of all the Thais training at the camp and living in the area. You will get cursed out in Thai for no reason all day long and they will tell racist jokes about you all the time which is quite annoying after a few weeks, more than ever if you understand the language very well. If you tell them you understand and you are tired of hearing all that crap and tell other foreigners what they are saying about them you will only get more hatred and nobody will avoid training and talking to you. I was once told by one of the boxers at the gym something like ” I see you never took a lady with you, so you are probably gay. If you want me to come to your room and have sex with you I can do it for a 1000 bath… ” which I politely declined and said he shouldn’t be asking questions like that…
        When I left the owner didn’t even say goodbye, all he said was ” give me back the key “.
        If you get a room in the camp expect the lights to break the second day you get there, the toilet not work and the pipes to explode so they can ripp you off having you pay all the repair expenses. If you politely tell them it wasn’t your fault since you just, for example, turned the light on and it exploded, all you are gonna hear is that ” you break, you pay, if you don’t pay, you don’t leave here. ” I believe they previously intentionally damaged all the facilities in the room so that when the next foreigner comes they will have hime pay replacing them with better ones.
        Definitely the worst experience I have ever had in Thailand and all I have to say is NEVER to send anybody at this camp since I’m sure there are plenty of better ones where you can learn the real Muay Thai. Even the ” tourist camps ” like the Sityodtong are much better cause at least you will be training at a clean gym with a lot of space and the people will be much friendlier, I bet.
        I apologyze for writing such a long comment but I really feel I have to share my experience so that nobody else will go there and waste their money and time to be treated like crap by a bunch of money greedy douchebags like the owners and their boxers.

        • Thanks for the thorough review, really appreciate it mate. This is the second time somebody has informed me about the poor training at Sor Klinmee gym so I definitely won’t be recommending it anymore.

          As I said before you left for the gym, a girl recently told me she felt neglected there too. These gyms can change so quick so it can turn out like this sometimes.

          Sorry to hear about your experience mate. Please keep me updated about other gyms you visit. Cheers.

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