Saenchai’s Sweeps & Throws

Here’s a new highlight I just made of the legendary Saenchai showcasing his best sweeps and throws.

Saenchai has the incredible ability to take any fighter off of their feet. He is able to manipulate his opponent’s body position and put them in a disadvantageous position to enable him to off-balance them and execute the sweep or throw.

Not only that, he makes it look ridiculously easy!

Some of the fighters featured in the video are top class Thais who have won Lumpinee titles but they look ordinary when fighting Saenchai. Amazing.

Check out Saenchai’s full highlight here.

About Aaron Jahn

Aaron is an active muay Thai fighter and coach from the UK. He holds a BSc (hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning and is currently studying a Sports Therapy Master's degree in Leeds, UK. Aaron has fought over 20 times in Thailand and has spent years training at different muay Thai camps all over the country.
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