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buakaw highlight (Buakaw Banchamek)

Buakaw Highlight

Buakaw highlight – your latest installment of muay Thai videos. Buakaw is the most well-known fighter of all time, having shot to fame in 2004 after winning the K1 World Max tournament. Of course, Buakaw had been fighting muay Thai in Thailand since he was a child and won ...

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Saenchai's Sweeps and Throws

Saenchai’s Sweeps & Throws

Here’s a new highlight I just made of the legendary Saenchai showcasing his best sweeps and throws. Saenchai has the incredible ability to take any fighter off of their feet. He is able to manipulate his opponent’s body position and put them in a disadvantageous position to enable him ...

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kaensak clinch defence 2

Kaensak’s Clinch Defence Mastery: Part 2

Here’s a  second look at Kaensak Sor Ploenchit‘s world-renowned clinch defence – different fight, same opponent. On this occasion, Kaensak allows Lamnamoon to get a little closer on occasion but is able to pull off some impressive throws against a much taller opponent. Kaensak still utilises the knee bar to great ...

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