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Damien Trainor Muay Thai Sweeps

Damien Trainor’s Sweeps & Throws Tribute

Here’s a quick highlight of Damien Trainor’s sweeps and trips from his numerous high-level bouts against Thai and foreign opponents. As a foreign fighter, Damien’s ability to take elite Thais off their feet is unmatched. The power in his right leg paired with excellent timing leaves many fighters falling for ...

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Golden Era Muay Thai K.O. Highlight

Nostalgia – Muay Thai K.O. Highlight

Here’s the latest instalment of Muay Thai K.O. highlights from the golden era. The footage is taken from some dodgy old videos featuring some absolute wars which end in TKO by way of punches. Hopefully, the deep tunes will take you back in time to the good old days… ...

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Kickers - Muay Thai Styles

5 Powerful Kickers Everyone Should Study

Muay Tae fighters (kickers) are some of the most entertaining fighters to watch, in my opinion. A well-executed roundhouse kick thrown by a Thai fighter is one of the most beautiful things to watch. Kickers require excellent range-finding abilities to keep their opponents right where they want them – ...

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