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6 Legendary Knockout Artists To Study This Weekend

Some of the most exciting muay Thai fighters out there are the knockout artists. These fighters are normally muay matt style fighters who have a strong boxing style with Knockout power. Knowing that they will have little chance of winning the fight on points by using their punches, they will look to create ...

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Muay Thai Technicians

7 Technicians Every Thai Boxer Should Study

Different fighting styles exist in Thailand and on the world stage, and all can be exciting to watch. However, many muay Thai fans would argue that the technician (AKA muay femeu or muay classic) is the most pleasing on the eye, and possesses the most skill out of all fighter types. ...

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Samkor's Brutal Left Kick

The Brutal Left Kick of Samkor

This video demonstrates the brutal left kick of the muay Thai legend Samkor Kiatmontep against Japanese kickboxer Satoshi Kobayashi. In this fight, Samkor destroys his opponent’s arm and ribs with his rear roundhouse kick from a southpaw stance and takes minimal damage in the process. Samkor is a 3x Lumpinee champion ...

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Attachai Fairtex - Beating the Puncher

Beating the Puncher – Attachai Fairtex

A highlight of Attachai Fairtex using excellent southpaw tactics against Anuwat Kaewsamrit. Anuwat is an aggressive fighter known for his KO power in both hands. Attachai utilises his kicks and foot sweeps from a southpaw stance to shut Anuwat’s advances down and outscore his opponent. In particular, watch Attachai’s ...

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Chanchai Sor Tamarangsi Teep

Chanchai Sor Tamarangsi: Teep Excellence

Highlight of Chanchai Sor Tamarangsi’s brilliant use of the teep and kick-counters against Orono Por Muang Ubon. Chanchai utilises the teep to great effect in several situations here; perhaps the most impressive being when Orono catches a leg and Chanchai is able to create space in a split-second and ...

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