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Put Lorlek Defence and Evasive Movement Highlight

Put Lorlek: Defensive/Evasive Manoeuvres

This video highlights the legendary Put Lorlek’s defensive and evasive techniques. Put Lorlek was one of the best fighters of his generation and beat the best of the best during the 1970s. He was a very evasive fighter with an excellent defensive push kick which he executed just as ...

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Sanklai Sitkru-Ott Kick Counters

Sanklai’s Spectacular Kick Counters

Sanklai Sitkru-Ott had some of the most beautiful technique in Muay Thai history. Like all technicians of the sport, his counters needed to be thrown with pinpoint accuracy and delivered promptly in order to win the exchange. Every technique Sanklai threw was so crisp and precise, rather like that ...

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Saenchai Defensive Masterclass Highlight

Saenchai’s Defensive Masterclass

Saenchai demonstrates amazingly fast defensive reflexes against Neungsiam Fairtex in this short highlight video. Neungsiam Fairtex is a legend and former Lumpinee champion but Saenchai shows he can shut down even the most elite Thais. You can watch the fight in full here. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Oley Kiatoneway - Sweep and Defence HL

Oley Kiatoneway: Defence + Sweep Highlight

Oley Kiatoneway was a technician with beautiful style. In this fight against another all-time great – Boonlai Sor Thanikul – Oley shows incredibly quick reflexes to block Boonlai’s attacks and upsets his balance on several occasions, setting up the sweep. This was a classic technician vs technician matchup featuring two of ...

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