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Muay Thai Clinch Escape

Clinch Lesson: Turn & Knee Strike

Petchboonchu F.A. Group of Evolve MMA demonstrates a slick off-balancing technique to turn his opponent in the clinch and deliver a knee-strike. Train with Petchboonchu and other Muay Thai legends at Evolve Vacation. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Oley Kiatoneway - Protecting Points

The Art of Protecting Points – Oley Kiatoneway

In Thailand, if a fighter gains a significant points advantage during a fight, you’ll often see them “protecting points”. By this, I mean that the fighter will begin to solidify their performance by using their defensive manoeuvres and evasive techniques to avoid taking any unnecessary damage and see the fight out, ...

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Muay Thai Fight Analysis

Parnpetch vs Changnoi: (Insane Fight)

First off, probably the most insane fight I’ve ever seen. Wow. This fight is from the golden era and features two fighters, Parnpetch Muangsurin (black shorts) Changnoi Sor.Warnit (red shorts), who decided to swing at each other until one of them got knocked out.   Beaten to the punch The first ...

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Burklerk Pinsinchai Sweep Mastery

Burklerk Pinsinchai: Epic Sweep Display

This video highlights the legendary Burklerk Pinsinchai’s sweeps to counter the roundhouse kicks of Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang. Dokmaipah was an aggressive southpaw fighter. In this fight, he throws powerful left kicks at Burklerk from his southpaw stance; Burklerk’s answer to this is to intercept the kick using his right leg to sweep ...

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