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Jitti Gym Bangkok

Jitti Gym Review

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of original photos in this post; I messed up my camera settings somehow (sorry). Hopefully, you can get a good idea of the training at the gym from the featured video anyway. I arrived at Jitti gym off the back of a week’s training at ...

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Meenayothin Gym in Thailand

Meenayothin Gym Review

When I was looking into what Bangkok gyms to visit during my 3rd trip to Thailand, Meenayothin gym really struck a chord with me. It was top of my list of camps to visit but I put off heading there right away as I hadn’t trained for over a ...

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Sasiprapa Gym Review

Sasiprapa Gym Review

After my not-so-amazing experience at 13 Coins Gym, I headed to Sasiprapa Gym in Bang Kapi, Bangkok. It’s one of the more established gyms in Bangkok, having been around for more than 40 years so I was keen to check it out. Although the camp provides accommodation, I decided to ...

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13 Coins Gym Bangkok

13 Coins Gym Review

After my session at Khongsittha muay Thai, I headed 15km South to train at the 13 Coins gym in the Suan Luang district of Bangkok. One of the trainers from Khongsittah actually recommended I go train at 13 Coins next so I gave it a shot as he had told ...

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