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Anyone can fight at Lumpinee

Anyone Can Fight At Lumpinee

[Photo: Nick Yoon Photography] There’s something that really pisses me off. I know, I’m always pissed off about something. But this one is legit – Lumpinee stadium fighters. I’m not talking about the real warriors who fight on the televised Lumpinee shows week in, week out. Or the Western legends who shaped ...

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Muay Thai: Ultimate Guide

Muay Thai: A Rough Guide

Quite simply, the best muay Thai content from across the web – training, fighting, Thailand, strategy, rants, beginner stuff and essentials. It’s all here in one post. Some of the links are from well-known blogs or lesser known blogs on blogging platforms, and some are YouTube links. I’ve selected these ...

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Creatine Report for Muay Thai Fighters and Combat Athletes

Creatine: Improving Muay Thai Performance

In a previous article on sodium bicarbonate supplementation for combat sports, I stated a few different ways in which combat sports athletes fatigue during training or during a fight. The cause of fatigue that was addressed in that article was acidosis, and an explanation was given on how sodium bicarbonate can ...

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Muay Thai Trainer vs Muay Thai Coach

Trainer vs Coach: The Differences

Everybody has their own definition of a muay Thai trainer and a muay Thai coach. There is no right or wrong answer, but they serve very different purposes, in my opinion. The word “coach” and “trainer” get used interchangeably, even by me, so I thought I’d write this post ...

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