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Jumping Roundhouse Kick

How to Throw a Jumping Roundhouse Kick

Muay Thai legend Nong-O demonstrates how to execute a beautiful jumping roundhouse kick on the pads. Nong-O is a trainer at Evolve MMA in Singapore, coaching alongside other legends such as Sagetdao, Petchboonchu, Pakorn, Muangfahlek and many more. Check out their website for more information on training holidays. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Pakorn's Knockout Combos

Pakorn’s Knockout Combos

Pakorn Sakyothin from Evolve MMA shows us three of his favourite KO combos. You can train with Pakorn and tons of other Muay Thai legends on the Evolve Vacations program. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Muay Thai Clinch Escape

Clinch Lesson: Turn & Knee Strike

Petchboonchu F.A. Group of Evolve MMA demonstrates a slick off-balancing technique to turn his opponent in the clinch and deliver a knee-strike. Train with Petchboonchu and other Muay Thai legends at Evolve Vacation. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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