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Burklerk Pinsinchai Sweep Mastery

Burklerk Pinsinchai: Epic Sweep Display

This video highlights the legendary Burklerk Pinsinchai’s sweeps to counter the roundhouse kicks of Dokmaipah Por Pongsawang. Dokmaipah was an aggressive southpaw fighter. In this fight, he throws powerful left kicks at Burklerk from his southpaw stance; Burklerk’s answer to this is to intercept the kick using his right leg to sweep ...

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Somrak Khamsing

Somrak Khamsing Highlight

Few nak muay are as loved by Thais and non-Thais alike than Somrak Khamsing. He has been around for what seems like forever, beating the best of the best during the golden era and still having the odd scrap today. Even though Somrak didn’t win a Lumpinee title, he is ...

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Golden Era Muay Thai Training Camps

Golden Era vs Modern Era: What’s Changed?

Highlights of some of the successful Muay Thai camps in Thailand during the golden era. These gyms were “bare bones” gyms in Bangkok. They didn’t have any fancy training equipment; just the basic necessities needed to produce some of the greatest fighters that ever lived. Gyms featured: Kiatniwat Gym ...

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