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5 Muay Thai Roundhouse Kick Counters

5 Roundhouse Kick Counters

Muay Thai legend Orono from Evolve MMA demonstrates five roundhouse kick counters using the lean back technique. You’ll notice that each counter attack begins with Orono taking a step back with the rear leg to avoid the kick. Note that he steps back just enough for the kick to ...

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Boonlai Sor Thanikul Muay Thai Highlight

Boonlai Sor Thanikul Highlight

Boonlai Sor Thanikul was a Muay Classic fighter (technician) who was dominant during the early nineties. He won Lumpinee titles in two different weight classes; 115lbs against Langsuan in 1992 and 122lbs against Wangchannoi in 1994. When discussing the best nak muays of all time, Boonlai’s name will surely be mentioned ...

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Samart Payakaroon

Samart Payakaroon Highlight

Muay Thai highlight of legendary Thai boxer Samart Payakaroon. Considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time, Samart was a 4x Lumpinee champion who was very dominant during the eighties. Every time Samart fought at Lumpinee it was a packed house – his style was spectacular ...

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