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Motor unit recruitment rate coding

Motor Unit Recruitment & Rate Coding

Our nervous systems have two ways of controlling the amount of force we produce during a contraction – motor unit recruitment and rate coding. A combination of these two methods produce optimal patterns of neural discharge to facilitate the huge variations in force required for different human movements. Motor ...

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The Motor Unit

Human movement is the result of an interaction between the nervous system and the muscles – the nervous system produces signals which tell the muscles to switch on and with how much force. In order to coordinate movement efficiently, these fibres are sub-divided into functional units. Enter the motor unit. Motor ...

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Free weights vs machines buakaw training

Free Weights vs Machines

We’ve established that muay Thai requires high (relative) strength levels for optimal performance, and to achieve that we need to train with weights – but what’s the best type of equipment to train with? Free weights or machines? There are arguments for using both types of equipment and each ...

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