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Counters to the Head Kick

Kru Orono at Evolve MMA demonstrates 3 ways to defend and counter the head kick. Visit the Evolve Vacations website for more info on their martial arts training holidays in Singapore. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Counters to the Low Kick

Legendary Nong-O Gaiyanghadao shows 5 ways to defend and counter the low kick using a variety of attacking techniques. Nong-O is currently coaching at Evolve MMA in Singapore. Take a look at the Evolve website for more information on their world class Muay Thai Vacations. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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Sam A’s Question Mark Kick Combos

The question mark kick is a deceptive technique which is designed to fool your opponent into thinking you’re kicking low, and then switching to a head kick in a split-second. Here’s Sam A from Evolve putting this kick into some nice combinations. Follow MuayThaiScholar

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