Muay Thai Techniques - Sweep And Set-up

Muay Thai Techniques: Sweep and Setup

I was watching the recent fight between Pe-Teng Kiatphontip and Saksit Tor. Piamsabpetriew and thought this sweep and set-up by Pe-teng was pretty slick so I decided to do a quick analysis. Thanks to Muay Ties Youtube Channel for allowing me to use their footage for the muay Thai techniques posts.

Muay Thai Techniques: Sweep & Set-upMuay Thai Techniques - Breakdown


Step 1 – Drawing The Block

Draw The Block

Firstly, Pe-teng (red) gets Saksit (blue) where he wants him – on one leg. He achieves this by drawing the left block by raising his right (rear) leg, as if he were about to knee, kick or step through.


Step 2 – Setting The Base For The Sweep

Setting The Base For The Sweep

Once Pe-teng sees the left leg of Saksit rise off the ground, he immediately reverses his leg back down to the floor while simultaneously shuffling his left (lead) leg forward. The right foot must actually touch base just BEFORE the left foot in order to co-ordinate the next phase of the sweep.

Also during this phase, Pe-teng uses his right arm to come outside of Saksit’s left arm to use as a lever, and places his left arm on the outside of Saksit’s right arm and neck.


Step 3 – Taking Out The Supporting Leg

Sweeping The Rear Leg

The trap has been set. All that is left for Pe-teng to do is step his right leg through and sweep the right leg of Saksit. He uses the levers he put in place during the previous phase to direct his opponent’s body to the opposite direction of the leg sweep.


Watch The Full Fight – Pe-Teng vs Saksit

Pe-Teng Kiatphontip (121lbs.RED) vs Saksit Tor. Piamsabpetriew (123lbs.BLUE) – Rajadamnern stadium 13th May 2015.

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