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Muay Thai Stadiums of Bangkok (Big Four)

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and an important part of Thai culture. For centuries thousands of young fighters have battled each other in bloody exchanges in the muay Thai stadiums of Thailand.

However, only the very best of those fighters make it to the big stadiums in Bangkok to earn the big fight purses and the chance to fight for the most prestigious titles in the sport.

As Muay Thai appeals to more and more western visitors each year, it’s interesting to highlight the differences one might experience at the most well-known stadiums in Bangkok.

So let’s take a look at the four biggest Muay Thai stadiums in Bangkok.

Muay Thai Stadiums


New Lumpini Stadium

Lumpini Stadium

The new Lumpini Stadium is a recently-built muay thai arena which replaced the famous Old Lumpini Stadium near Lumpini Park.

Like the old Lumpini Stadium, the new stadium is known as the most prestigious muay thai arena in Thailand. The very best fighters face each other in this venue, but this is only true for certain days of the week – the level of fights on weekends tend to be much lower.

The location out of the city center and the very high ticket prices make a visit to the new Lumpini Stadium only worthwhile when a big show is held there. Because fights are being held frequently, the quality of the shows varies quite a bit.

Another downside is that the historical and legendary charm which the old Lumpini Stadium possessed is not evident in the new stadium.

Some of the fighters currently competing at the new Lumpini stadium include Jomhod Eminent Air, Wanchalong PK Saenchaimuaythai, Muangthai PK Saenchaimuaythai and Petchboonchu FA Group.

Level of fights: 4-5 Star fights on Tuesday & Friday / 2-3 Star Fights on Saturday

Fight-Time: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday  6:15 PM – 11 PM

Location: Northern Bangkok suburb / Ram Inthra Road 2/1

Ticket prices: 1000 baht (3rd row), 1500 baht (2nd row) and 2000 baht (1st row)

Rajadamnern StadiumRajadamnern Stadium

Hosting muay thai fights since it was built in 1945, the Rajadamnern Stadium is the oldest of the four big muay thai stadiums.

The fact that top muay thai fights have been held in Rajadamnern for decades gives the place a certain vibe which comes from the many legendary bouts that have taken place in this old arena.

The central location of the stadium, the raw atmosphere along with its rich history and high level fights make a trip to Rajadamnern Stadium an exciting experience – but this all comes with a big price tag – so it may only be worth visiting for the very big events (2-3 times a month).

Some of the classic fights which have taken place here in the past include Kaensak vs Lamnamoon and Singdam vs Silapathai.

These days, you’ll find superstars such as Saeksan Or Kwanmuang, Saengmanee Sor Tienpo, Thanonchai and Pet-U-Thong Or Kwanmuang battling it out in front of the Rajadamnern crowds.

Level of fights: 4-5 Star fights on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday / 2-3 Star Fights on Sunday

Fight-Time: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday  6:15 PM – 11 PM

Location: Old City Center of Bangkok

Ticket prices: 1000 baht (3rd row), 1500 baht (2nd row) and 2000 baht (1st row)

Channel 7 StadiumChannel 7 Muay Thai Stadium

The Channel 7 Stadium is known as the third most prestigious venue for muay thai in Thailand, right after Lumpini and Rajadamnern. This stadium is the only one out of the “big four” muay thai stadiums that has no entrance fee.

Not only the high skill-level of the muay thai fighters competing in this stadium make a visit to the Channel 7 Stadium worthwhile – but also its location – the stadium is situated right next to the Mo Chit BTS and Chatuchak Park MRT so it’s easily accessible. It’s also located a stone’s throw away from F.A. Group Gym so you’ll be within walking distance of top quality muay Thai every Sunday if you train there.

The four main fights on these shows are broadcast on channel 7 TV station.

The only drawback of this stadium is that the place is filled to the brim by the time the fights start so it’s best to arrive 40-50 minutes before the first fight to get a good seat.

Level of fights: 4-5 Star fights

Fight-Time: Sunday 12:45 PM – 2 PM

Location: Near the Mo Chit BTS Station

Ticket prices: FREE

Omnoi StadiumOmnoi Stadium

The Omnoi Stadium or Siam Boxing Stadium is known as the 4th most prestigious muay thai arena in Thailand.

An interesting aspect for most foreigners is that the fight cards at Omnoi feature heavier fighters (including good foreign fighters) leading to higher chances of a KO.

The Omnoi Stadium also holds the annual Fuktien and Isuzu Group tournaments where the very best muay thai fighters of the higher weight classes face each other.

Although being a rather long drive away from Bangkok’s city centre, the low ticket prices and wide selection of available seats make the Omnoi Stadium a good choice to exerience muay thai in Thailand.

Some of the big names currently fighting at Omnoi stadium include Yodkhunpon Sitmonchai, Diesellek Udonmuang and Youssegf Boughanem . In fact, Youseff Boughanem recently became the first ever non-Thai champion of Omnoi stadium.

The entrance fee entitles you to sit on VIP seats behind the ring as well as on every other seat in the stadium so there’s no requirement to arrive early to get a good view of the action.

All bouts are broadcast on Channel 3.

Level of fights: 4-5 Star fights

Fight-Time: Sunday  12:15 PM – 2 PM

Location: Omnoi district – western Bangkok suburb

Ticket prices: 500 Baht


To wrap up the muay Thai stadiums debate – in my opinion, the most memorable nights can be experienced at Rajadamnern Stadium with its world class fighters and rich history on display three nights per week. But those nights are rare and truly big events are only held once a month. It is advised to look out for big cards before going to Rajadamnern and coughing up the 2000 Baht ($55) entry fee.

For good quality daytime fights Omnoi and Channel 7 are both good options – Channel 7 being the cheaper and more central of the two stadiums, while Omnoi has the better selection of seats.

New Lumpini still has the highest level fights, but it’s just lost some of the “magic” that the old stadium had.

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