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Here are the links to some of the best content on the internet which I use regularly. I highly recommend you take a look at some of them when you get the chance.


Muay Farang – The Muay Farang team fight regularly on Max Muay Thai and regularly upload videos of events and other fights in Thailand.

Muay Ties – This YouTube channel is a dream for anyone who loves watching fight videos from Thailand’s biggest and best muay Thai stadiums. Timo Ruge is the most active fight journalist in Thailand.

Khmer Boxing – For all the latest boxing videos from Cambodia, this is the channel to watch. If you’ve never watched Khmer boxing before, I strongly recommend it!

Live Muay Thai Guy – Although Live Muay Thai Guy has now stopped publishing videos, he has one of the best channels for muay Thai fights in Thailand’s biggest stadiums with over 1,500 uploads.

Muay Thai – A very active fight channel, uploading stadium fights from Thailand.

Live Thai TV streamsChannel 3, Channel 5, Channel 7, Channel 9


Fight/Technique Video Analysis

Acumen Athletics – Danny Millet breaks down fights from Thailand and the west, putting his knowledge of training and fighting in Thailand into practice.

Muay Thai Analyst – A great new blog specialising in the breakdown of Thai boxing fights and techniques.


Technique Tutorials

Warrior Collective – Stuart Tomlinson has travelled the width and breadth of the UK filming muay Thai tutorials at some of the best coaches in Europe. There are also several MMA technique videos too.

Muay Thai Minute – The muay Thai minute technique series created by My Muay Thai has become famous for its short and concise approach to technique tutorials. All demonstrations are shown by Damon Faulkner of Singdayt Gym.

Tiger Muay Thai Tutorials – More short technique videos from the trainers at Tiger, their English skills are questionable but still some of the best tutorials on YouTube.


Thailand Muay Thai Camp Footage

Masked Bangkok – This guy travels to gyms in Bangkok and trains muay Thai in a mask… a great insight into some of the more unknown gyms in Bangkok.

Siam Fight Mag – This channel has been uploading quality videos from Thailand for years and still does a great job of bringing muay Thai gyms in Thailand to the masses.


Muay Thai Bloggers

Muay Thai Pros – Stephen and his brother Ben live and train in Phuket and write about the Thailand muay Thai scene, as well as publishing helpful training and fight articles for Thai boxers.

Heatrick Strength & Conditioning – The best muay Thai strength and conditioning blog out there. A great resource to improve performance outside of the muay Thai gym.

Milk. Blitz. Street. Bomb. – MBSB is a blog written by a nomad from Canada named Laura. Laura has spent years travelling SE Asia and training martial arts and has a very unique perspective on training in Thailand.

My Muay Thai – The biggest muay Thai blog on the net, with close to 2,000 articles covering fights from Thailand, technique tutorials and more.

Damien Trainor – This blog is a great resource for fighters or anyone who enjoys reading about one of the greatest western fighters reminiscing about his fights against high-class opposition.

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