Kongnapa Watcharawit Highlight

Kongnapa Watcharawit was a muay matt (puncher) with tremendous KO power – he knocked out 30 opponents over a 140-fight career and won Rajadamnern titles at four different weight categories (122lbs, 1226lbs, 130lbs and 140lbs).

He earned the nickname “The Exocet” due to the immense power in his punches and kicks.

Kongnapa grew up in Suvarnabhumi in Roi Et (Northeast Thailand) before relocating to the Kietpetchnoi gym in Bangkok and training under the tutelage of Petchnoi Mahanat. It was at this camp that he would go on to become a notorious knockout artist and floor some of the greatest legends in the sport.

Some of the names that were on the end of his KO’s include Nampon Nongkeepayayuth, Panomtuanlek Hapalang, Sombat Sor Thanikul, Taweechai Wor Pricha and many more.

He also won points victories over the legends Namkabuan Nongkeepayayuth and Chanchai Sor Tamarangsi.

Kongnapa now coaches at Coban’s Muay Thai Camp in New York City.

About Aaron Jahn

Aaron is an active muay Thai fighter and coach from the UK. He holds a BSc (hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning and is currently studying a Sports Therapy Master's degree in Leeds, UK. Aaron has fought over 20 times in Thailand and has spent years training at different muay Thai camps all over the country.
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