Kaensak’s Clinch Defence Mastery: Part 2

Here’s a  second look at Kaensak Sor Ploenchit‘s world-renowned clinch defence – different fight, same opponent.

On this occasion, Kaensak allows Lamnamoon to get a little closer on occasion but is able to pull off some impressive throws against a much taller opponent. Kaensak still utilises the knee bar to great effect and lands plenty of middle kicks on his opponent.

Somehow this fight was scored a draw, but I’m not really sure how. You can watch the full fight here.

Oh, and don’t forget to check out the first video in the series here – Kaensak’s Clinch Defence – Part 1

About Aaron Jahn

Aaron is an active muay Thai fighter and coach from the UK. He holds a BSc (hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning and is currently studying a Sports Therapy Master's degree in Leeds, UK. Aaron has fought over 20 times in Thailand and has spent years training at different muay Thai camps all over the country.
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