Damien Trainor’s Sweeps & Throws Tribute

Here’s a quick highlight of Damien Trainor’s sweeps and trips from his numerous high-level bouts against Thai and foreign opponents.

As a foreign fighter, Damien’s ability to take elite Thais off their feet is unmatched. The power in his right leg paired with excellent timing leaves many fighters falling for his trademark sweep again and again.

Damien is currently teaching seminars all over the world and recently taught at the CSA Gym in Dublin, California.

Visit the Damien Trainor website for training advice, fight tips and more.

About Aaron Jahn

Aaron is an active muay Thai fighter and coach from the UK. He holds a BSc (hons) degree in Strength & Conditioning and is currently studying a Sports Therapy Master's degree in Leeds, UK. Aaron has fought over 20 times in Thailand and has spent years training at different muay Thai camps all over the country.
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